Tebow was, and always will be average


Tebow, Tebow, Tebow. Tebow Tebow? Tebow. Ohh, Teeebooowww,

AUGH!  Is anyone sick of this already? Let’s lay down the facts. FACT: Tim Tebow has lead the Broncos to 5 wins. FACT: Tim Tebow is not exactly the best stats quarterback. FACT: If ESPN went any deeper on this Tebow stuff, we’d have a reality show called TEBOW TIME.

Let’s get this straight. Carson Palmer, Jason Cambell, Kyle Orton, Chad Henne? About five thoughts a day in their first years. Tim Tebow? About 20,000.

Tim Tebow is what I’d call an average quarterback. Runs the ball, runs himself (It’s FINE! Not bad, not great!) and throws it! He doesn’t get 99.9 yards per throw, but who does! He won’t be Tom Brady, he won’t be Ryan Leaf! He’s average!

The Tim Tebow thing could go on for a while. But when everyone comes to their senses, you heard it here first.


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