Who dat! Are the Saints going back to the Super Bowl?


In 2010, the Saints proved that they didn’t need paper bags as their trademark. But, will they go further and get their second NFC Championship in three years? Very likely. Now before you shut me up, and tell me that the Pack will win, let me tell you three things.

1. The Packers don’t have enough defense to get through the NFC with the Falcons, Saints, and 49ers in the competition.

2. They haven’t had a true offensive test. If and when they play the 49ers, we’ll see what happens.

3. The Saints have lost to the Packers, but let’s face it – that was week one, and only by 8 points, A.K.A one possession.

So, if you pick the Pack, and they lose the NFC, don’t blame me!



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