Super Bowl Prediction: Quarter 1


This is Sunday Night, where the best come out to play, for the biggest trophy in football history. This is Super Bowl night, where the Pats and Giants come out for rematches four years removed. This is Super Bowl 46.


So, let me give you a little overview on how this will work – every day will have a new quarter. On friday, I’ll post my Super Bowl final score prediction. I’ll also post my Super Bowl MVP prediction as well. Let’s get this show on the road!


1st quarter – The Giants win the coin toss. They elect to receive, giving them the ball and an early strike first. After 2 running first downs and 4 minutes in, the Giants find themselves at their own 45. Eli drops back and gives Hakeem Nicks the perfect ball and puts the G-Men at the Patriots’ 25. After a running first down, the Giants face third and 8. Eli drops the ball right into Mario Manningham’s arms and in the end zone. Giants 7, Pats 0


After that, Tom Brady wants revenge. And revenge is what he gets. Moving the ball on a pass based offense is the game plan, and it works very well. Brady completes multiple passes to Welker, Gronkowski, and Hernandez with a Green – Ellis run mixed in here and there. After a twenty yard completion to Branch, Green – Ellis runs in to tie the game with 3 left in the second. The Pats kick off, and the Giants get a first down or two, but are forced to punt. The Patriots are given the ball at their own 10 with a minute thirty to go. Tom Brady leads his team down the field, and ends up at the Giants forty when time runs out for the first quarter.


SCORE: Giants 7, Patriots 7

On to quarter 2.


The Updater: Clippers over Thunder, with a little show from Griffin


Okay. I’m usually not putting every single game the Clippers play on here. But – this I had to show off. The Clippers beat the Thunder, 112-110, but more importantly, this happened.

Wow. I feel like I just watched the dunk of the year.

P.S –  Quarter 1 of the super bowl will come in the afternoon, BTW, at three thirty, to be exact.

Read it before Super Bowl Quarter 1!: The Super Bowl: 4 quarters, 4 posts


How will Super Bowl 46 turn out? I am a Pats fan, but I assure you I am writing from a Texans viewpoint – no opinion. I am going to show you my Super Bowl Prediction in 4 posts, for 4 quarters – I’ll give a new quarter each day.

So, get ready. Because tomorrow, my super bowl pick will begin to unravel.

Until then, please just enjoy a little suspense. Until tomorrow…

The universal logo for Super Bowl 46
This will be an er- Super Super Bowl

Teams that could lose the magic


The Ravens last chance might’ve been exactly a week from today.It’s Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, Ray Rice – they are getting older faster than you can say Cundiff. Some teams, are simply too old, hurt, or too tired to get a playoff win. These 5 teams had one of their best, but last chances this season or last season, and may never see such glory for a while.

5. Baltimore Ravens – The Ravens have gotten too old, but still have a year or so left. The young and fresh talent they had in 02′, 03′, 04′ and for a while until now has slowly gone away. The Ravens will most likely not have a losing record, that’s for sure, but it could be in the near future if Baltimore’s trusty veterans just turn into average ones, or even retire.

4. . Boston Celtics – It’s not that they’re actually losing so much, but the big 3 has lost the superpower ability they had oh such a short time ago. Garnett and Pierce seem to always be battling injuries, and Allen just isn’t what he used to be. I think it could be the end of the line for the big 3 if the Celtics want to stay contending with the Bulls, Heat, Clippers and Hornets, who are oh so young and filled with talent.

3.  Atlanta Braves – As it seems, the Braves have literally gone downwards in the past 4 years with their players. After hitting a 91 game peak, the Braves record may very well go down soon. And yes, I know you say they have great young pitching talent, and that’s completely true! But, you can’t win if you don’t score, and that is very well what might start to happen soon.

2. Chicago Bears – The Packers and Lions all have talent. Unfortunately, talent is beginning to be lacked in Chicago. 40.5% of Chicago’s players all have 7 years of experience, and 20 % have 9 or more. The Bears need young talent, and need it fast, or else they could be doomed to top three picks for quite a few years.

1. San Antonio Spurs – They need talent, NOW. 28% of players are 9 years or more into the NBA, their franchise face has lost ppg so much in the past few seasons, he has lost nearly 575 points for them every season since 09-10. Manu Ginobli has been good, but has barely any assists or rebounds. Ten points a game is not enough from Richard Jefferson. Plus, all those rookies they have? Only one has a higher ppg than 7, and most of their apt averages are below 1.5.  Tony Parker has been the main man lately, but the Spurs have to get new talent fast to keep him going, or it could turn ugly for the once beautiful San Antonio Spurs.



Lob City was a good deal


I love this season.This may mark the true new beginning of some new contenders for the trophy. The Clippers after lots of deals turned down last december got Chris Paul and Blake Griffin together. Needless to say, they’re like burgers and fries – they compliment each other perfectly.

I think that this shows you don’t have to be rich to get talent. You really just have to have a good guy up front, and hopefully a commissioner that won’t turn every deal down. Chris Paul is better in LA. It just goes to show you that there is a little justice in this world.

Are the Red Sox contenders?


What stands as our current memory of the 2011 Red Sox is an epic September collapse, one to be remembered for years to come. The Red Sox have answered right field and some relief pitching, but lost Roy Oswalt, what they thought would be their big acquisition.

But, the Red Sox still have a good lineup. They have a good 3 game rotation, (Jon Lester, Clay Buckholz, Josh Beckett) and a lineup worth chance. But,the main question still has to be answered – will they be able to make a playoff spot? That is what we all want to know. Ryan Sweeney could change the effect, for better or for worse, but I think the only people who could kill the Sox are themselves.

Why Super Bowl 46 will be different than Super Bowl 42


There are three main reasons I say this.

1. Both teams have completely (well,almost) changed their receivers. This changes the effect greatly, since there could be more or less offense. Also, the effect of Manning and Brady having to make a completely different game plan is key, which brings us to number…

2. Both teams have completely different game plans from last time. The Pats will try and get short yardage catches with Gronk, Hernandez, Welker, Branch, Edelman and Ochocinco. The Giants will try and get as much as they can, as they did against the Falcons, Niners, and Packers. The game is always made by the gameplan

3. New England is really the underdog. Everybody says the Giants will win, because they beat em’ before and they can do it again, etc. So the Pats (even though they are favored by 3.5) are really the underdog. But, one thing that’s notable, the Pats beat the Giants in the regular season in 07′ and lost in the Super Bowl – and Tom Brady has quite the motivation.

So, it’s going to be a completely different game.