It’s not a good deal.


Detroit must be dancing. Their (most likely) DH, Prince Fielder is putting on a Tigers uni next April. But, how does that effect everyone else?
Well, here’s how it works. The NL Central is up for grabs. With Ryan Braun facing a suspension, and no more Prince, how will they take the NL Central this year? Answer: Nobody knows. The Cardinals are Pujols’ team no more, and the Astros are still the Astros – they stink. The Cubs haven’t changed anything, which means they are the only team that hasn’t fallen during the offseason in that division.

In the AL, every team is changing strategy, especially the AL Central. The Twins, Indians, and Royals will all have to think about the way to keep Prince from hitting homers every game. And nearly the rest of the AL will still have to play him at least 3 games a year. How does this affect the east and west? Not much, but every game counts.


Most importantly, how does this affect the Tigers? In a few ways. They’re now the shoo-in’s for the AL Central, (now even more) and have a good DH, who hopefully isn’t overconfident. But the one lingering question is how they will cope with an old and overrated player, (a late Manny Ramirez) in 6 years? Well, they could bench him, but then you’re paying 7 digit numbers a year for a benchwarmer. Prince probably wants a no-trade contract, but it is yet to be specified. If Prince gets his way (which he most likely will) the Tigers may have made a colossal mistake. But if it isn’t – (which the odds are low on), the Tigers have made the move of the year.

If this is seven years, same amount per year, it’s great. But not for 9 years. No offense to Detroit, but this guy needs to learn the front office power, and it’s team before you. If the front office doesn’t teach that, nothing happens.



2 thoughts on “It’s not a good deal.

  1. yo will it is great u just need to add some more info like how the nats were goinge to take him but they werent willing to give him that much money. That was deffinitly a big part of this deal. And you need to give the price, that would be preaty inportant.


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