Is the Pro Bowl worth watching?


We all know the answer. Why should I care? It’s just a consolation game for players that deserved a playoff win, but lost. The Problem with the Pro Bowl is that it doesn’t have a gimmick. The NBA has the Slam Dunk Contest in which Blake Griffin so famously dunked over a car. The MLB has the home run derby, which comes down to the last batter. The NHL has their skills competition (which isn’t great, but you have to take what you can get). The Pro Bowl just doesn’t have anything.

Also, the Pro Bowl barely ever moves – wouldn’t it be smart for them to have it in the Super Bowl city? But, of course, they put it in Hawaii, which leaves fans with a choice – Pro or Super Bowl. We all know which is the obvious choice. Last year they put it in Miami, but nearly every other year it is in Hawaii.

So, the answer is NO. The Pro Bowl is boring. The NFL is great except for two things. 1. Labor Disputes 2. All star games.

But, is it worth it? If they could add some tricks or speed competition, it may be worth an hour of time. But, let’s face it. Until then, it isn’t.



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