Super Bowl Prediction: Quarter 1


This is Sunday Night, where the best come out to play, for the biggest trophy in football history. This is Super Bowl night, where the Pats and Giants come out for rematches four years removed. This is Super Bowl 46.


So, let me give you a little overview on how this will work – every day will have a new quarter. On friday, I’ll post my Super Bowl final score prediction. I’ll also post my Super Bowl MVP prediction as well. Let’s get this show on the road!


1st quarter – The Giants win the coin toss. They elect to receive, giving them the ball and an early strike first. After 2 running first downs and 4 minutes in, the Giants find themselves at their own 45. Eli drops back and gives Hakeem Nicks the perfect ball and puts the G-Men at the Patriots’ 25. After a running first down, the Giants face third and 8. Eli drops the ball right into Mario Manningham’s arms and in the end zone. Giants 7, Pats 0


After that, Tom Brady wants revenge. And revenge is what he gets. Moving the ball on a pass based offense is the game plan, and it works very well. Brady completes multiple passes to Welker, Gronkowski, and Hernandez with a Green – Ellis run mixed in here and there. After a twenty yard completion to Branch, Green – Ellis runs in to tie the game with 3 left in the second. The Pats kick off, and the Giants get a first down or two, but are forced to punt. The Patriots are given the ball at their own 10 with a minute thirty to go. Tom Brady leads his team down the field, and ends up at the Giants forty when time runs out for the first quarter.


SCORE: Giants 7, Patriots 7

On to quarter 2.


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