Quarter 2 of Super Bowl 46


Andd… welcome back to Indy, where the Patriots and Giants are deadlocked at 7-7!

Anyways, welcome back. I hope I’m keeping you entertained.

And so begins the 2nd quarter – Tom Brady continues leading his team down the field until – Oh! He’s sacked and fumbles the football! The Giants get the ball back at their own 14, and start a drive down the field. They move the ball quite well, and get to the Patriots 30. They’re forced to take a field goal with 7:30 to go, and it is good. SCORE: Giants 10, Patriots 7

Tom Brady is looking for redemption, and he gets it to Green Ellis – a lot. He breaks for good 5 to 7 yard runs, and after an Aaron Hernandez 20 yard reception, the Pats are at the Giants 33. They settle for a field goal, and tie the game with 4:45 to go. The Giants go down the field, like a team that won the Super Bowl, and make it 13-10 with a minute to go. Tom Brady gets a couple yards, but stays at the forty. Halftime comes.

SCORE: Giants 13- Patriots 10.


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