Super Bowl Quarter 4 – Read Quarter 1, 2, and 3 before this.


4th quarter – Okay, Tom Terrific time, right? Well, unfortunately, the Pats punt, giving the Giants the ball with 12 minutes to go in the season. The Giants throw a mix of short passes and runs, and get the ball moving down the field at a good pace. They drop a pass in the end zone, and go for a field goal. They get it, making it 26-17, Giants.


But, the Patriots aren’t dead yet. With eight minutes to go, Tom Brady starts leading the team down the field. On fourth down, he throws it to Rob Gronkowski, who gets 60 yards. With 6 minutes left, the Patriots score a touchdown on an Aaron Hernandez run. They don’t risk a point, and go for the extra point, making it 26-24, Giants.


Eli Manning has a huge task – keep the Patriots offense on the sidelines. He does just that. He brings the ball down the field with runs, runs, and maybe a pass. With 3 minutes to go, a blitzed Eli Manning runs to the Patriots 25. Time is starting to run out for the Patriots. At the two minute warning, the Giants are at the Patriots 15.


After three very stretched out downs, the Giants kick a field goal with 35 seconds left. The Patriots have 1 timeout left. Tom Brady throws a hail mary, four times. All four times, it is missed. Eli Manning takes a knee.


FINAL SCORE: Giants 29, Patriots 24. Super Bowl MVP is Eli Manning who throws for 305 yards and 2 touchdowns.



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