Special Post! How did it happen/The Updater: LINSANITY!!!!


All credit goes to ESPN for photo

Which it is. How the heck did this happen? And is it a trend, or a fluke? Let’s get started.

After beating the Lakers, people have realized this guy is real. Let me explain.

New York had everything they needed – except for one thing – you might say glue. As you may know, putting talent together doesn’t necessarily make a good team. You need them to gel, to learn each other’s style. And Jeremy Lin is just that.

Jeremy Lin is the point guard you want. The un-drafted, all-odds-against-him, point guard. About two weeks ago, would YOU think I was crazy? Probably. Some of the best – well, bottles of glue have come from late picks or even no pick. Take Tom Brady – or Mark Buehrle , or even Danny Woodhead?

The NBA has always missed those, though. Until now. The un-drafted player out of Harvard, has found a way to make the Knicks work together. Until now, it was get the ball to Carmelo or A’mare and pray for defense.

Now, they can move the ball easily, and have a player that can take pressure of of everyone else.

Is this a trend?

I think not. This is a great basketball player, and he’s proved it.


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