How did it happen? Peyton Manning in jeopardy


Manning, Manning, Manning, Manning, Manning. In the city of Indianapolis, that is all there is. Or at least, that is all there was. Peyton Manning was the face of the Colts. Peyton Manning may have run out of time.

How does this Super Bowl winning, hall-of-famer (most likely) become on the market or forced to retire? Well, here’s how. After 12 years of success, Peyton’s carrer is on the market. The Colts are going to  go back to where they were then. A number one pick team. Why that? Simple, they lost their quarterback to neck surgery.

The way it happened is because teams need quarterbacks, now. The Colts are considering Andrew Luck instead of Peyton Manning. Like, this season. Now. But where would Peyton go?

Peyton Manning is technically not on the market, but we all know better than that. He really has two choices. Go to the Redskins, or go to the golf course. Basically, going to the Redskins is trying to take a team that needs to take it back to the start, to the playoffs. Retiring is going out with a whimper, but not as badly of a whimper as it could be for the Redskins.

I’m saying it’s not a good situation. The best way to go out would be to stay on the Colts, and get a standing ovation at the end. But, that may not be what Dan Snyder wants…


One thought on “How did it happen? Peyton Manning in jeopardy

  1. Obi

    but don’t you think there are other teams that might want him, like, say, Arizona, or Jacksonville, or other teams with QB situations at least as horrible as the Redskins?

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