New segment: Soccer Weekly


Alright, so I promised soccer. And I have to say, I haven’t given much – only two posts out of my 58. Whoops. But, I’m trying to stay on top of myself, so bear with me here as I introduce a new segment: Soccer Weekly.

Basically, soccer weekly is my take on the biggest soccer story of the week. So let’s try this.

This week, I’m going to to talk about Liverpool winning the Carling Cup. It was a truly great match – Cardiff City had surprised nearly every team in the tournament, but Liverpool found a way to top them and hoist the trophy.

Now, Liverpool did not play incredibly, and I’ll admit that. In fact, they didn’t play well. Even though they scored two goals, they gave up two goals. Also, Pepe Reina didn’t really save the penalty kicks – they were all misses.

They also got very lucky with the ending situation. Cardiff had two chances, and the pressure got to them. Plus, Luis Suarez wasn’t able to take a leading role and score goals. Cardiff City played very well for an Npower league team, but I guess the better team won – and that was Liverpool.


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