Why Louisville Will Win March Madness


Ever heard the expression “Spreads like wildfire?” With Big East teams, it just may be that once you get hot – the hotness spreads like wildfire, and spreads to the final four, the championship game, and sometimes – even a national championship.

Louisville had not seen major coverage like Duke and UNC had by ESPN all year – always broadcasted. Louisville was an outcast, you might say – never on tv, never talked about in sportscenter – just there – and why should we care? Which was a decent point – the Cardinals had only seen the top ten once all year, then usually bounced back to 15, 20, 25 – or beyond.

And then.

And then, they ran. In fact, they nearly flew. They flew through the Madison Square Garden to win the Big East Tourney, and all the sudden go from a 6 seed – to a 4 seed. Now, that doesn’t seem like a lot, does it? Probably not. But you have to take into account that means from being the 24th – 28th best team in the tourney – to number 16-20. Which means a lot in games. For instance, last year, if Georgetown had been able to do that, they probably wouldn’t have been a 6 seed – and probably wouldn’t have lost to a team that actually was good.

Now, once you’re on fire, the fire extinguishers come out to try and take you down. That didn’t work. The lower end fire extinguisher, New Mexico couldn’t do it. The higher end, Michigan ST, couldn’t do it. And you’ve heard the expression fight fire with fire, right? Well, even another fire, Florida couldn’t take down these guys.

But what stands in their way is the biggest, baddest, meanest, problem they’ll have in the tournament – Kentucky. Kentucky has power, they have players, and they have confidence. But sometimes, confidence will not beat the hottest fire around – the red, blazing Cardinals.

That’s what gives them fire – being the underdogs and beating the confidence. Beating the egomaniacs, the ones who lay back and let it slide. Because if you’re an underdog, and you fight until the end – you will win. And Louisville may just do that this year.


P.S – Sorry I haven’t posted in a while – I was working with my partners in print.


Why the Tigers could win the World Series


The Detroit Tigers may be bringing a little more joy to Detroit than the Lions and Eminem/Chrysler commercials. E.G, a world series. Why do I say this? It’s simple. Glue.

The same way Jeremy Lin was the glue for the Knicks to take them into the playoff race, Prince Fielder may be that for the Tigers. The Tigers had pretty much everything except for a dynamic duo – a powerful set of players that one could benefit from another.

Miguel Cabrera is no longer the only slugger on the Tigers – now he has a partner in crime.

Now, let’s look at the pitching – specifically Moneyball style, the stats. None of their starters had an E.R.A above 4.45 last year, and averaged 3.89 altogether, which is pretty darn good. Plus, their entire staff had an ERA of 4.22 – and that’s everybody!

Plus, they have some speed, agility, and newbies in the infield and outfield. 

Even more for the Tigers, they are one of the only teams in the MLB with both great pitching and hitting – the only other teams like that are the Angels, Rangers, and Phillies – who may have to watch out, because the Tigers could win the World Series if they aren’t careful.

The Tebow trade – why?


It simply boggles my mind. Yesterday, Tebow was traded to the Jets – for a slew of draft picks. But why?

Even though the Broncos have committed to Peyton as a starter, it simply doesn’t make sense at all. Here’s why.

First of all, Peyton may not be fully back – and could get hurt again. You need a good backup, plus he would learn lots from Peyton. Also, trading a player that you already devoted to doesn’t seem to make your team a safe place for any players unless they’ve been franchise tagged.

Next, the Jets have just given Mark Sanchez a 6 year contract and committed to him even though they just traded for Tebow. Nobody will take Sanchez if he stinks, and what the heck are they going to do with Tim Tebow if Mark Sanchez IS good? (Which the odds are low on).

Plus, the Jets are doing a Redskins – they’re jumping at every quarterback, even though they’ve already committed to a quarterback. The ability to refrain from trades and dumb draft picks is what separates the best from the worst – and even though the Jets looked like contenders the past few years, Tebow isn’t taking them to a Super Bowl.

All in all, Tim Tebow’s best choice would’ve been a trade to a team like Seattle or Jacksonville – a team that hasn’t already really committed to a quarterback.







Trading Tebow isn’t worth it.


Here’s the deal – again. The Broncos are likely to trade Tim Tebow since they’ve gotten Peyton Manning. I wouldn’t do that if I were them.

First of all, it would be a great experience for Tim Tebow – to learn from a shoo-in hall of famer. Also, it would improve his game, so if Peyton ever ends up playing dreadfully (like Kyle Orton), he would be better than ever.

Also, there’s risk involved here. Manning has gone through four neck surgeries, and injury-wise is pretty unpredictable. Having a sturdy backup like Tim Tebow is needed, since Peyton could get hurt at any time.

And to teams like the Dolphins who are interested in Tebow – he’s not a fully developed QB yet, and needs talent surrounding him to make things work. Which Miami has very little of.

Even though it’s a big, juicy quarterback, I urge the Broncos not to trade Tebow until Manning has proved he’s back – for real.


Is Denver the place for Peyton Manning?


THIS JUST IN: Peyton Manning has told his agent to negotiate with the Denver Broncos.

So, wow. Everything just changed. And I don’t mean the AFC West. I mean the entire NFL. Here’s what just happened. After already declaring Tim Tebow was the starter going into training camp, the Broncos are nearly set on a deal with Peyton. The sports world is erupting.

First of all, this completely changes Tebow-ville to Manning-ville. Which puzzles me. So, Tebow had played considerably well for Denver last year, and got them to the divisional round, which is a pretty good feat for the Broncos. But, like so many other teams, the Broncos couldn’t resist a legendary quarterback like Manning.

While this could affect the Broncos season, it also affects other things beyond their season and this season. For instance: The Broncos are a shoo-in for the AFC West, and could make some damage in the playoffs this year. But, teams in the AFC will still be struggling to find a leader, since when Peyton was on the market, the Titans may have had a shot at the playoffs.

Plus, this puts Denver in quite a situation. Peyton Manning in all likelihood will want a 3-4 year contract. But, that’s a long time for a man who just got back from FOUR neck surgeries, meaning he is not a stable ship – he could get hurt at any time.

Is it the right move? Well, if he’s healthy and good, Peyton could lead Denver to a playoff spot. But if he’s not…. fans will be chanting “PLAY TEBOW!” all over again.

How far would you go? A story of what I think could be behind the UNC Ash VS Syracuse game


How far would you go? No, I’m not trying to indicate that either side bribed the refs. I’m trying to find a story where one hasn’t been found. Now, this may or may not be true, but this is plainly an opinion of what was happening inside the mind of the refs. Is it correct? Maybe, maybe not. We’ll find out one day.

As the whistle blows, the Ref makes the first call that comes to mind – lane violation. As a chorus of “BOO!” and curses directed at him are made, he neglects to take himself to the booth. He is the ref, so he has the authority to make that call. I think he thought that he was making the right call, and simply neglected to think about it and declare himself incorrect because he had so much confidence in himself. Now, every dad says “Be confident in your own decisions!”, when the child is on stage at the spelling bee. But what they should say is “Be confident in yourself, until you realize you could be wrong.” (So it needs a little work, okay!) 

The other call where that second phrase comes in is in the moment where it was clearly off of a Syracuse’s player’s hand, but he, didn’t think too hard and took himself to be the person with the power to make decisions, but was too confident in his first decision.

Whether this is true or not, it could be a phrase every referee should remember: “Be confident in your own decisions until you realize you could be wrong.”

Note: No abuse has meant to be given to referees across the nation, neither to these specific referees. This is simply what I thought was going on.

Was the 2nd pick worth it for the Redskins?


Last night, sources revealed that the Redskins had traded four (yes, four) draft picks for one. That one being the second pick in the draft, which in the most likely circumstances will be RGIII.

But the Redskins are giving up something they don’t have – receivers. The draft picks in the upcoming years would give them that. Even so, somebody up front thought RGIII was worth it, and decided to trade.

So now, the Skins have to rebuild from the ground up with RGIII. But what remains to be seen, is whether he will be Ryan Leaf or Peyton Manning – and will the Redskins be a contender in the next few years?

Honestly, it could go either way. The problem is that if it goes the wrong way, the Redskins will be stuck in the bottom of the division for a while.

The Rams made a very smart move, since drafting two quarterbacks in three years shows they aren’t going to be a dog in UP – saying “SQUIRREL!” every time somebody comes along – like the Redskins.