Is it worth it? Peyton Manning or RG3


Many teams, like the Washington Redskins, Miami Dolphins and Cleveland Browns are all seeking out a new quarterback, specifically Peyton Manning or Robert Griffin the Third. But all these teams may have to give an arm and a leg to get either one of them.

But is it worth it?

The teams would have to give all their draft picks in all likelihood to move up and pick Robert Griffin III. To get Peyton Manning, they’d have to give up most of their salary cap, and probably a couple players.

But, all these teams are looking to rebuild from the ground up, which is something to consider. For the Browns and Dolphins, it may be worth it to give something up, but for the Redskins, the defense is more important.

But, it’s Dan Snyder’s decision – which means they are in bad hands.



One thought on “Is it worth it? Peyton Manning or RG3

  1. Obi

    I think the Redskins defense is pretty good…they beat the Giants twice after all! But their offense is bad and full of players who flunk drug tests. You just never know if you do all that trading up and you get Ryan Leaf, or Eli Manning.

    Anyhow I think RG3 may stand for “Rex Grossman’s 3rd year”!

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