Paying defenders to hit hard is wrong


New Orleans and DC should be disgraced. I get giving bonuses for doing well, sacks, tackles, picks, and all that. But what they did was wrong, crude and vulgar. People, there are wars across the world, and what you want to do is hurt more people? It can be used for an advantage, but you are millionaires! You don’t have to get money by hitting hardly on old quarterbacks, receivers, and so on!

Look, the Saints mainly won a Super Bowl on defense. But how do you expect a full credited Super Bowl now that people found out about this. And for the Redskins, they were doing it out of desperateness. But even so, you shouldn’t be hurting people – because it’s not right.

I expect and want an appropriate punishment for all of this. I expect deducting 3 draft picks, a couple suspensions, and some fines may set these teams in their place. They need to understand that this is bigger than football, this is you and the country. Are you really going to hurt them and end incredible careers?

And for the coaches. You have not stepped up to the position of the role model the players need. You have given them bad incentives and may have hurt their careers, as well as the team.

I hope this teaches the NFL a lesson, that you can’t be doing this. Because, the greater the crime, the greater the punishment




Here is The Video on the Saints Bounty System and The Video on the Redskins bounty system


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