Was the 2nd pick worth it for the Redskins?


Last night, sources revealed that the Redskins had traded four (yes, four) draft picks for one. That one being the second pick in the draft, which in the most likely circumstances will be RGIII.

But the Redskins are giving up something they don’t have – receivers. The draft picks in the upcoming years would give them that. Even so, somebody up front thought RGIII was worth it, and decided to trade.

So now, the Skins have to rebuild from the ground up with RGIII. But what remains to be seen, is whether he will be Ryan Leaf or Peyton Manning – and will the Redskins be a contender in the next few years?

Honestly, it could go either way. The problem is that if it goes the wrong way, the Redskins will be stuck in the bottom of the division for a while.

The Rams made a very smart move, since drafting two quarterbacks in three years shows they aren’t going to be a dog in UP – saying “SQUIRREL!” every time somebody comes along – like the Redskins.



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