How far would you go? A story of what I think could be behind the UNC Ash VS Syracuse game


How far would you go? No, I’m not trying to indicate that either side bribed the refs. I’m trying to find a story where one hasn’t been found. Now, this may or may not be true, but this is plainly an opinion of what was happening inside the mind of the refs. Is it correct? Maybe, maybe not. We’ll find out one day.

As the whistle blows, the Ref makes the first call that comes to mind – lane violation. As a chorus of “BOO!” and curses directed at him are made, he neglects to take himself to the booth. He is the ref, so he has the authority to make that call. I think he thought that he was making the right call, and simply neglected to think about it and declare himself incorrect because he had so much confidence in himself. Now, every dad says “Be confident in your own decisions!”, when the child is on stage at the spelling bee. But what they should say is “Be confident in yourself, until you realize you could be wrong.” (So it needs a little work, okay!) 

The other call where that second phrase comes in is in the moment where it was clearly off of a Syracuse’s player’s hand, but he, didn’t think too hard and took himself to be the person with the power to make decisions, but was too confident in his first decision.

Whether this is true or not, it could be a phrase every referee should remember: “Be confident in your own decisions until you realize you could be wrong.”

Note: No abuse has meant to be given to referees across the nation, neither to these specific referees. This is simply what I thought was going on.


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