Is Denver the place for Peyton Manning?


THIS JUST IN: Peyton Manning has told his agent to negotiate with the Denver Broncos.

So, wow. Everything just changed. And I don’t mean the AFC West. I mean the entire NFL. Here’s what just happened. After already declaring Tim Tebow was the starter going into training camp, the Broncos are nearly set on a deal with Peyton. The sports world is erupting.

First of all, this completely changes Tebow-ville to Manning-ville. Which puzzles me. So, Tebow had played considerably well for Denver last year, and got them to the divisional round, which is a pretty good feat for the Broncos. But, like so many other teams, the Broncos couldn’t resist a legendary quarterback like Manning.

While this could affect the Broncos season, it also affects other things beyond their season and this season. For instance: The Broncos are a shoo-in for the AFC West, and could make some damage in the playoffs this year. But, teams in the AFC will still be struggling to find a leader, since when Peyton was on the market, the Titans may have had a shot at the playoffs.

Plus, this puts Denver in quite a situation. Peyton Manning in all likelihood will want a 3-4 year contract. But, that’s a long time for a man who just got back from FOUR neck surgeries, meaning he is not a stable ship – he could get hurt at any time.

Is it the right move? Well, if he’s healthy and good, Peyton could lead Denver to a playoff spot. But if he’s not…. fans will be chanting “PLAY TEBOW!” all over again.


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