Trading Tebow isn’t worth it.


Here’s the deal – again. The Broncos are likely to trade Tim Tebow since they’ve gotten Peyton Manning. I wouldn’t do that if I were them.

First of all, it would be a great experience for Tim Tebow – to learn from a shoo-in hall of famer. Also, it would improve his game, so if Peyton ever ends up playing dreadfully (like Kyle Orton), he would be better than ever.

Also, there’s risk involved here. Manning has gone through four neck surgeries, and injury-wise is pretty unpredictable. Having a sturdy backup like Tim Tebow is needed, since Peyton could get hurt at any time.

And to teams like the Dolphins who are interested in Tebow – he’s not a fully developed QB yet, and needs talent surrounding him to make things work. Which Miami has very little of.

Even though it’s a big, juicy quarterback, I urge the Broncos not to trade Tebow until Manning has proved he’s back – for real.



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