The Tebow trade – why?


It simply boggles my mind. Yesterday, Tebow was traded to the Jets – for a slew of draft picks. But why?

Even though the Broncos have committed to Peyton as a starter, it simply doesn’t make sense at all. Here’s why.

First of all, Peyton may not be fully back – and could get hurt again. You need a good backup, plus he would learn lots from Peyton. Also, trading a player that you already devoted to doesn’t seem to make your team a safe place for any players unless they’ve been franchise tagged.

Next, the Jets have just given Mark Sanchez a 6 year contract and committed to him even though they just traded for Tebow. Nobody will take Sanchez if he stinks, and what the heck are they going to do with Tim Tebow if Mark Sanchez IS good? (Which the odds are low on).

Plus, the Jets are doing a Redskins – they’re jumping at every quarterback, even though they’ve already committed to a quarterback. The ability to refrain from trades and dumb draft picks is what separates the best from the worst – and even though the Jets looked like contenders the past few years, Tebow isn’t taking them to a Super Bowl.

All in all, Tim Tebow’s best choice would’ve been a trade to a team like Seattle or Jacksonville – a team that hasn’t already really committed to a quarterback.








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