Why the Tigers could win the World Series


The Detroit Tigers may be bringing a little more joy to Detroit than the Lions and Eminem/Chrysler commercials. E.G, a world series. Why do I say this? It’s simple. Glue.

The same way Jeremy Lin was the glue for the Knicks to take them into the playoff race, Prince Fielder may be that for the Tigers. The Tigers had pretty much everything except for a dynamic duo – a powerful set of players that one could benefit from another.

Miguel Cabrera is no longer the only slugger on the Tigers – now he has a partner in crime.

Now, let’s look at the pitching – specifically Moneyball style, the stats. None of their starters had an E.R.A above 4.45 last year, and averaged 3.89 altogether, which is pretty darn good. Plus, their entire staff had an ERA of 4.22 – and that’s everybody!

Plus, they have some speed, agility, and newbies in the infield and outfield. 

Even more for the Tigers, they are one of the only teams in the MLB with both great pitching and hitting – the only other teams like that are the Angels, Rangers, and Phillies – who may have to watch out, because the Tigers could win the World Series if they aren’t careful.


One thought on “Why the Tigers could win the World Series

  1. Obi

    do they have more than two good pitchers? they’ve got Verlander and Scherzer, but could they go deep against a team that has four good starters, like, say, the Phillies, or…..the Nationals?

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