Why Louisville Will Win March Madness


Ever heard the expression “Spreads like wildfire?” With Big East teams, it just may be that once you get hot – the hotness spreads like wildfire, and spreads to the final four, the championship game, and sometimes – even a national championship.

Louisville had not seen major coverage like Duke and UNC had by ESPN all year – always broadcasted. Louisville was an outcast, you might say – never on tv, never talked about in sportscenter – just there – and why should we care? Which was a decent point – the Cardinals had only seen the top ten once all year, then usually bounced back to 15, 20, 25 – or beyond.

And then.

And then, they ran. In fact, they nearly flew. They flew through the Madison Square Garden to win the Big East Tourney, and all the sudden go from a 6 seed – to a 4 seed. Now, that doesn’t seem like a lot, does it? Probably not. But you have to take into account that means from being the 24th – 28th best team in the tourney – to number 16-20. Which means a lot in games. For instance, last year, if Georgetown had been able to do that, they probably wouldn’t have been a 6 seed – and probably wouldn’t have lost to a team that actually was good.

Now, once you’re on fire, the fire extinguishers come out to try and take you down. That didn’t work. The lower end fire extinguisher, New Mexico couldn’t do it. The higher end, Michigan ST, couldn’t do it. And you’ve heard the expression fight fire with fire, right? Well, even another fire, Florida couldn’t take down these guys.

But what stands in their way is the biggest, baddest, meanest, problem they’ll have in the tournament – Kentucky. Kentucky has power, they have players, and they have confidence. But sometimes, confidence will not beat the hottest fire around – the red, blazing Cardinals.

That’s what gives them fire – being the underdogs and beating the confidence. Beating the egomaniacs, the ones who lay back and let it slide. Because if you’re an underdog, and you fight until the end – you will win. And Louisville may just do that this year.


P.S – Sorry I haven’t posted in a while – I was working with my partners in print.


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