The Updater: Saints Eavesdropping, Reports Say


What next? Where does it end? How did this happen?

It seemed like the New Orleans Saints had their share of scandals. The bounty scandal seemed to be enough, where they had hurt many players and gotten Sean Payton kicked out for a year, and GM Mickey Loomis an 8 game suspension. But no, more was uncovered yesterday.

ESPN’s John Barr reported on Monday that Loomis had the ability to eavesdrop on opposing coaching staffs during games for three seasons using a small electronic device in his Superdome suite.” –

I wonder why? I know the opposing staff has all the information about their gameplan, but I personally think it’s insulting to the team, because he doesn’t believe the team is capable of winning on their own – (And those years weren’t the best for the Saints).

Mickey Loomis has denied this, but the FBI and the Louisiana State police are investigating this.

It also may put an effect on Drew Brees coming back – two scandals uncovered in the same season?

In December, it seemed like the Saints were headed towards another Super Bowl, and were worthy of it, but now I can see that the Saints are anything but Saints on the inside and out.



Soccer Weekly: The US trying to be intimidating, not working.


Check out these new US uniforms…

Are they trying to look like jailbirds? I get that stripes are in right now, but that’s not intimidating. Not the point.The US is trying to become a force in soccer. Which isn’t exactly working.
The defense is fine, but the offense isn’t. And even though they’ve lacked Donovan lately, they still need to score more goals. Also, the future is bright doesn’t seem to be a quote to be looking at right now. The U-23 team failed to qualify for the olympics, and except for the Italy win, the Klinsmann era isn’t going so well.
The US needs to get rid of Klinsmann, right now, or change something. In all of their losses, they have been shut out, and even though Donovan is rarely there, there’s no excuse for being shut out.
Now, you might blame this on the players, but the US has completely talented and promising players – but the way they’re being played isn’t right. Also, the US is trying to recreate their image (As you can see with that jersey) as more of a force, but the only two wins over a world cup team were Slovenia and Italy – and they lost to teams like Costa Rica, Beljium, and Ecuador, all of which are ranked below 44th in the FIFA world rankings – which is about 12 spots short of the world cup.
We’re ranked 29th in the world right now, and our stock is declining by the minute.
I expected the US to become a force after the South Africa run, maybe even come in third or fourth at the olympics, and at that time, it seemed like a pretty good guess. I’m not necessarily saying to bring back Bradley as coach, but to change the way they do things.
Maybe make the team, I don’t know – a little more offense based? Defense wins the game, but you can’t win if you can’t score, as Barcelona learned, you can’t win.
Like Barcelona, the US is playing good soccer, but in all honesty? The offense needs to step it up, or we won’t be seen in Brazil in 2014.

Time to say goodbye, Dwight


Teamwork is what the Green Bay Packers were all about. They didn’t do it for individual glory. They did it because they loved one another.
– Vince Lombardi

Which is the opposite of what’s happening in Orlando right about now.

It always happens. You just never expect it. Every star will make a mistake. And get traded. But why worry about that – stars are stars, and they’re perfect, right?

Not really.

Dwight Howard was the poster boy for the stars that were the opposite of LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Ron Artest kind of players. The not mean, not fighters, not money obsessed, not letting down their home, not tattooed from head to toe kind of players you see in the NBA.

Past tense. Was.

Dwight Howard and Stan Van Gundy are in warfare, although nobody really knows what for, or why. Oddly enough, Shaq had a similar problem with the same guy – but he turned out fine.

I personally think a trade is in order for Dwight Howard. Blaming the players is a fair thing to do, until the players continue to lose. Plus, with all the focus on this, he’ll be unable to succeed next year in Orlando. Also, he has a little too much pressure on him – he needs to go somewhere with another team leader, where he can shine quietly, and even though his totals are great, the others – not so much. DC and New Jersey would seem like teams with the money and interest to take him, but it’s a bad place to put him in, where he’s expected to be incredible.

I think Dwight Howard to Memphis is what is best for everyone. Memphis could send Tony Allen, Marreesse Speights and a draft pick for Dwight Howard. These two would make Dwight’s presence equal , except more balanced out – you can’t have 4 other starters only getting half of what one starter is getting. Dwight Howard would be good in Memphis because the rebounds, points, and assists are taken off of his back, and while Jameer Nelson will be missed, Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph will take care of that.

Dwight Howard may be having problems, but all of that can be changed with a signature.


The Wizards are quietly sneaking up on you…


The Wizards aren’t good. They aren’t OK. They are, in terms, an “Airball” of a team. But keep your eyes peeled, and look out behind you – the Wizards could be a contender in the next two years.

Now, you must be saying – “He’s finally gone crazy”, or “The Wizards?? LOL!!” But take a look at the moneyball approach, if you will. John Wall is going to blossom next year, I can feel it. He’s already averaging 16 points a game, and 7.5 assists a game, plus Jordan Crawford is right behind him.

Also, the Wizards have five players averaging 9.5 ppg or more. Although assists is a tough category – John Wall is the only one with five or more. But a rookie could change that. The Wizards will most likely get the first, second or third pick in this draft – which means Anthony Davis, Michael Kidd Gilchrist, Thomas Robinson, or Harrison Barnes could be coming to town to make more assists and more points for everyone.

Plus, the Wizards have beaten two of the Western Conference’s elite – the Lakers and the Thunder, plus beating the Bulls. The Wizards can get up there with the big boys, as that proves.

Even more, Nene has given dc the center they missed. Points and rebounds make me feel like getting rid of Javale McGee was the best thing we’ve ever done.

There are a couple more things Washington has to do before really being a threat in the season, until March.

1). Get rid of Andre Blatche. For somebody who’s 6’11, 260 pounds, he should have at least more than 3 rebounds a game, which would obviously boost his points and assists status.

2). Get one of the rookies listed – they’re helpful to everyone they play with.

3). Get a coach, and try not to blame it on him. The Wizards have gone through 4 coaches – in the past 4 years – I think it’s time to start replacing players, not coaches.

The Wizards are sneaking up on the NBA like the Nationals. And as the story was the same for the Nats, it goes for the Wizards – “Just wait”.

Soccer Weekly: Homegrown talent taking over


Wigan is on a roll. A steamroll, actually. They have beaten two of soccer’s superpowers – Manchester United and Arsenal in their past two games. And yet, none of them this year have more than five goals. How do they do it? Homegrown talent, no room for superstars, and moneyball style.

More and more, these types of teams are taking over your superpowers – Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal and Manchester City.

But, it’s extremely important to keep the talent where they are. For instance, Andy Carroll was sold to Liverpool FC for 35 million pounds, and at Newcastle scored 14 times in 19 games. At Liverpool, he’s scored 4 goals in 31 games. Yowch.

These homegrown talents need to stay where they were, because there, the focus is on them. Elsewhere, it’s not a major focus on them.

What really annoys me, is when things like the Andy Carroll sale happen. While I am a Liverpool fan, it always annoys me to have a team woo a player with great money from his place.

It’s not just a trend in soccer, it’s a trend in baseball – (Carl Crawford and Jayson Werth), football, (Ladainian Tomlinson and Matt Hasselbeck) and basketball (Chris Bosh and Rashard Lewis).

Think about those guys… How have they done?

This is why it’s always fun to see teams like Wigan win.


Marlins and Angels are getting what they deserve


Vince Lombardi once said “The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.” Which is pretty much the story of these two team’s seasons so far.

Both teams made major additions to their team. The Marlins have gotten Jose Reyes and Mark Buehrle, and the Angels get Albert Pujols and CJ Wilson. Plus, they both have more than two aces, so they can’t go wrong, right? Wrong. Both have gotten out to bad starts, proving that quote something to live by.

Even though both have great talent, they simply aren’t executing it in the right way. The Angels are trying to make everything centered around Albert, and expecting CJ to do incredibly. Which is the wrong expectation, meaning the other players aren’t worked hard enough, meaning the others lack plus Albert and CJ are under too much pressure.

The Marlins, on the other hand, are expecting too much from other players. Mark Buehrle’s ERA is closer to four than it is to 3, Jose Reyes is batting .238 – they need more pressure on them.

This just proves that getting talent isn’t enough – you have to have chemistry, and execute it in the right way.

RG3 or Andrew Luck? DC or Indy?


What talent comes here, stays here. Well, at least in Indy. Or DC. As the draft approaches, one topic remains to be the main focus – Andrew Luck or RG3? Redskins or Colts? Well, I have a big opinion on that one because it’s a pretty obvious choice for me. I feel as if Andrew Luck is a copycat. Of Peyton Manning, which means for 12 years, the Colts would be in very good shape to take him. Andrew Luck isn’t much of a runner, but that doesn’t stop him from having a Peyton Manning like arm. Also, he is a versatile player – he understands the game, which is what the Colts need right now, somebody who can understand the situation they’re in. You may say, how bout’ RG3 for the Colts? Here’s why I think not. RG3 is a great player with both an arm and a leg, but he simply, in terms, is not what the Colts need right now. They have a ground up rebuilding plan, and the Redskins (to an extent) have some talent. Plus, RG3 needs talent surrounding him to succeed. Now, I’m not saying the Colts don’t have talent, but the talent doesn’t go where Rg3 needs it, which is the running area. I think Andrew has a date in Lucas Oil Stadium. RG3 is a fit for FedEx field. The Redskins have a reasonable running back, which takes pressure off of the arm of RG3, so he can throw more, because, honestly, people are taking for granted his arm and not realizing the true potential of his arm. Now, why not the Redskins for Andrew Luck? Andrew is a great arm quarterback, but not a run. Which means he’d be pretty limited in DC – name two good DC receivers. Both are extremely talented, and both are good fits but there’s always a greener side of the grass, and it can be at two stadiums 580 miles from each other.   P.S – Feel free to enjoy that comic I made expressing Andrew Luck’s true feelings – YES, I interviewed him.