MLB is finally here! The questions that still remain…


Who will win? Are the struggles of the Red Sox here to stay? Will the Marlins and Angels be all powerful or all horrible? Are the Nats for real? Is this finally it for the Rangers? Can the Tigers go to a world series – and win? Let’s find out.

After a long offseason for the Red Sox, they have returned to the baseball diamond with one thing on their mind – a fresh start. After beer in the clubhouse, a record collapse to the Rays, and everything just simply falling apart, the Red Sox have a new GM, manager, right fielder, and season. But what matters is what is still there. Even after losing Jonathan Papelbon, and Josh Reddick, what matters is their infield. Still there is Dustin Pedroia, who deserves to be captain, Kevin Youkilis, a great all around hitter, and Adrian Gonzalez – the man who deserved the MVP last year. The Red Sox have also added a new (stricter) manager by the name of Bobby Valentine, a new right fielder (Ryan Sweeney), plus Jacoby Elisbury is ready for another MVP caliber season. Also, Carl Crawford is due for a bounce back. Keep your eyes on the Red Sox this season – they look promising once again.

The Marlins and Angels both re-vamped their lineup using big money and big stars. Jose Reyes and Mark Buehrle have gone south, and C.J Wilson plus Albert Pujols have gone west to the Angels. But, the only thing to think about is that pitching does not go deep on either side – there are only three good pitchers on either team. Without pitching, neither can win a division title, and will exit early in the playoffs.

The Nats, in terms, are fo schizzle. They have what it takes to make it to the playoffs. They have a good pitching rotation, and a good bullpen. Also, the hitting is getting much better by the day. Slugger Michael Morse will be back by June most likely, Danny Espinosa is ready to rumble, and rookie Bryce Harper shows so much promise, it may make the scouts faint. Not to mention Ryan Zimmerman is here to stay. Plus, Stephen Strasburg and Jordan Zimmerman are here all season, and are the symbol that the Nats are ready for the playoffs.

The Rangers seem like they could finally have world series success, but the hitting is a problem. Only the front four have had real success, which means more than half the time, they won’t be getting hitting success. Plus, they have lost their number one pitcher, and even though they got Yu Darvish, it doesn’t seem like the Rangers will go to the World Series again – as long as their bats are at this state.

It could be time for the Tigers, though – they have great hitting and pitching – which is enough to take a team to the series and beyond. They have a pitching rotation, and a great infield and outfield, plus a bullpen worth it. Especially after getting Prince Fielder, they have what it takes to win it. Justin Verlander is returning from an MVP & Cy Young season, Miguel Cabrera is in position to hit quite a few homers, and the pitching staff has an overall ERA around 4.00. That’s what makes them my pick to win….


AL: Wild Card Game: Red Sox over Angels

ALDS: Rangers over Red Sox, Tigers over Yankees

ALCS: Tigers over Rangers

NL: Wild Card Game: Marlins over Nationals

NLDS: Giants over Marlins, Reds over Phillies

NLCS: Giants over Reds

WORLD SERIES: Tigers over Giants, in 6 games.


2 thoughts on “MLB is finally here! The questions that still remain…

  1. Mark D

    Hey Will,

    You have the Phils losing twice in the playoffs. In any case, we expect the Phightin’ Phils to be parading down Broad street after Papelbon strikes out Cabrera to win the World Series!


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