Soccer Weekly: Is a Barca VS Real Madrid Uefa Cup Final good or bad?


Two games. That’s all that seperates the UEFA Cup Final, Barcelona, and Real Madrid. It would be another derby day, just on one of the biggest stages in soccer and for a whole lot more than bragging rights and playoff position. Unfortunately, there are two sides to this. One side says that it builds american soccer following, but another says it’s how the La Liga should end, not how UEFA Cup should end.

I am taking the side of the american soccer following. I have a bit of an S.O.S for soccer in the U.S – Save our soccer. In the U.S, soccer followers are few. But, most soccer followers are fans of these three teams – Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Manchester United. Having two of those square off for the european champions league would create the soccer version of a sonic boom for soccer in the US.

Now, the U.S will never be devoted to soccer, or futbol as much as the european countries will be. Yes, we have the MLS, but I have to admit, it is kind of a joke. Players are old, players are new, but no players in their prime. The attendance level is never past 18,000 on average.

Putting two of the favorite clubs together makes soccer a more followed sport, which if the U.S wants to stay in the soccer business, is needed.

Also, Lionel Messi VS Cristiano Ronaldo will be a great matchup, for all you soccer purists.

But, it may not be this – which could kill it, because it could be Bayern Munich VS Chelsea. Even though that’s a great game, soccer needs Barca VS Real.


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