RG3 or Andrew Luck? DC or Indy?


What talent comes here, stays here. Well, at least in Indy. Or DC. As the draft approaches, one topic remains to be the main focus – Andrew Luck or RG3? Redskins or Colts? Well, I have a big opinion on that one because it’s a pretty obvious choice for me. I feel as if Andrew Luck is a copycat. Of Peyton Manning, which means for 12 years, the Colts would be in very good shape to take him. Andrew Luck isn’t much of a runner, but that doesn’t stop him from having a Peyton Manning like arm. Also, he is a versatile player – he understands the game, which is what the Colts need right now, somebody who can understand the situation they’re in. You may say, how bout’ RG3 for the Colts? Here’s why I think not. RG3 is a great player with both an arm and a leg, but he simply, in terms, is not what the Colts need right now. They have a ground up rebuilding plan, and the Redskins (to an extent) have some talent. Plus, RG3 needs talent surrounding him to succeed. Now, I’m not saying the Colts don’t have talent, but the talent doesn’t go where Rg3 needs it, which is the running area. I think Andrew has a date in Lucas Oil Stadium. RG3 is a fit for FedEx field. The Redskins have a reasonable running back, which takes pressure off of the arm of RG3, so he can throw more, because, honestly, people are taking for granted his arm and not realizing the true potential of his arm. Now, why not the Redskins for Andrew Luck? Andrew is a great arm quarterback, but not a run. Which means he’d be pretty limited in DC – name two good DC receivers. Both are extremely talented, and both are good fits but there’s always a greener side of the grass, and it can be at two stadiums 580 miles from each other.   P.S – Feel free to enjoy that comic I made expressing Andrew Luck’s true feelings – YES, I interviewed him.


One thought on “RG3 or Andrew Luck? DC or Indy?

  1. Dear Will,
    I think the Colts should get RG3 because he is faster then Andrew Luck and he won the Heisman award(Luck would be good for Washington to).

    Sincerely your friend Alex H.,

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