The Wizards are quietly sneaking up on you…


The Wizards aren’t good. They aren’t OK. They are, in terms, an “Airball” of a team. But keep your eyes peeled, and look out behind you – the Wizards could be a contender in the next two years.

Now, you must be saying – “He’s finally gone crazy”, or “The Wizards?? LOL!!” But take a look at the moneyball approach, if you will. John Wall is going to blossom next year, I can feel it. He’s already averaging 16 points a game, and 7.5 assists a game, plus Jordan Crawford is right behind him.

Also, the Wizards have five players averaging 9.5 ppg or more. Although assists is a tough category – John Wall is the only one with five or more. But a rookie could change that. The Wizards will most likely get the first, second or third pick in this draft – which means Anthony Davis, Michael Kidd Gilchrist, Thomas Robinson, or Harrison Barnes could be coming to town to make more assists and more points for everyone.

Plus, the Wizards have beaten two of the Western Conference’s elite – the Lakers and the Thunder, plus beating the Bulls. The Wizards can get up there with the big boys, as that proves.

Even more, Nene has given dc the center they missed. Points and rebounds make me feel like getting rid of Javale McGee was the best thing we’ve ever done.

There are a couple more things Washington has to do before really being a threat in the season, until March.

1). Get rid of Andre Blatche. For somebody who’s 6’11, 260 pounds, he should have at least more than 3 rebounds a game, which would obviously boost his points and assists status.

2). Get one of the rookies listed – they’re helpful to everyone they play with.

3). Get a coach, and try not to blame it on him. The Wizards have gone through 4 coaches – in the past 4 years – I think it’s time to start replacing players, not coaches.

The Wizards are sneaking up on the NBA like the Nationals. And as the story was the same for the Nats, it goes for the Wizards – “Just wait”.


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