Soccer Weekly: The US trying to be intimidating, not working.


Check out these new US uniforms…

Are they trying to look like jailbirds? I get that stripes are in right now, but that’s not intimidating. Not the point.The US is trying to become a force in soccer. Which isn’t exactly working.
The defense is fine, but the offense isn’t. And even though they’ve lacked Donovan lately, they still need to score more goals. Also, the future is bright doesn’t seem to be a quote to be looking at right now. The U-23 team failed to qualify for the olympics, and except for the Italy win, the Klinsmann era isn’t going so well.
The US needs to get rid of Klinsmann, right now, or change something. In all of their losses, they have been shut out, and even though Donovan is rarely there, there’s no excuse for being shut out.
Now, you might blame this on the players, but the US has completely talented and promising players – but the way they’re being played isn’t right. Also, the US is trying to recreate their image (As you can see with that jersey) as more of a force, but the only two wins over a world cup team were Slovenia and Italy – and they lost to teams like Costa Rica, Beljium, and Ecuador, all of which are ranked below 44th in the FIFA world rankings – which is about 12 spots short of the world cup.
We’re ranked 29th in the world right now, and our stock is declining by the minute.
I expected the US to become a force after the South Africa run, maybe even come in third or fourth at the olympics, and at that time, it seemed like a pretty good guess. I’m not necessarily saying to bring back Bradley as coach, but to change the way they do things.
Maybe make the team, I don’t know – a little more offense based? Defense wins the game, but you can’t win if you can’t score, as Barcelona learned, you can’t win.
Like Barcelona, the US is playing good soccer, but in all honesty? The offense needs to step it up, or we won’t be seen in Brazil in 2014.

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