The Updater: Saints Eavesdropping, Reports Say


What next? Where does it end? How did this happen?

It seemed like the New Orleans Saints had their share of scandals. The bounty scandal seemed to be enough, where they had hurt many players and gotten Sean Payton kicked out for a year, and GM Mickey Loomis an 8 game suspension. But no, more was uncovered yesterday.

ESPN’s John Barr reported on Monday that Loomis had the ability to eavesdrop on opposing coaching staffs during games for three seasons using a small electronic device in his Superdome suite.” –

I wonder why? I know the opposing staff has all the information about their gameplan, but I personally think it’s insulting to the team, because he doesn’t believe the team is capable of winning on their own – (And those years weren’t the best for the Saints).

Mickey Loomis has denied this, but the FBI and the Louisiana State police are investigating this.

It also may put an effect on Drew Brees coming back – two scandals uncovered in the same season?

In December, it seemed like the Saints were headed towards another Super Bowl, and were worthy of it, but now I can see that the Saints are anything but Saints on the inside and out.



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