Thunder Rolling


What’s that you hear? Maybe a plane? Or some rain? OK, I’ll admit even thought that was a cheesy joke. But that’s not the point. The Thunder are, in terms, rolling over the competition (If you’ll excuse my bad pun). Oklahoma has shown that it’s a place for winners, not Pedigree factories.

Kevin Durant has three NBA Scoring Championships under the long, long, long list of his accomplishments, which is a new thing this year. The only thing lacking on that long list of accomplishments is an NBA Championship. Which could be set to change. The only thing keeping him from an NBA Championship is himself.

He’s an accomplished player, but what I worry about is that he could be too worried about leading his team. All he simply has to do is to play the game he’s always been playing. Playing like this, he will.

The best players are the players that play the same, or if not better under pressure, which he does, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s all he has to do to help the Thunder roll to an NBA championship.

The other man, the arguable left hand man to Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, has been sneaking up on you for quite a while. In his rookie season, he was an okay point guard. 15 points a game, 5 assists per game.

The next year, he boosted his ppg by one and apg by three.

Then he exploded to 21 points a game, and is still there. He’s an asset to an OKC team that has more than one superstar. Which means, there isn’t one.

Which has actually seemed to help them in the past years, unlike the Lakers, where Kobe got all the attention and the playing quality went down. In DC, Gilbert Arenas got all the attention and they plummeted. No superstars, no problem.

It’s time for the Thunder to roll to an NBA Championship.


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