Lob city is gone, but not dead.


The Spurs completed a sweep last night in LA, where they hoped for 2 championships in the same year. The Kings’ dream is still alive, but as it looks, LA will not be hoisting the Larry ‘O Brien trophy this year. The Lakers are one loss away from elimination, and Lob City is out.

Lob city, by far was my favorite team to watch all year. It took the excitement of Blake Griffin, and then put some wins behind it. It seemed like that 2012 was the year that LA had two teams, not the Lakers and a joke. No, wins brought LA to the postseason.

They were tons of fun to watch. Between Blake Griffin’s countless incredible dunks (GRIFFINATION!!!) beating the Lakers, and filling the stands with 19,000 people, it was great. You never knew what you’d see tonight, a blow out, a last second buzzer beater, or a normal win – with abnormal dunks from Blake Griffin. They were .606 in the regular season, winning their first playoffs since 1997.

They had a great series against the Grizzlies, which went down to the last minute of game 7. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin combined for 27 points, but the bench picked them up, scoring 55 points.  Unfortunately, it left them tired and overwhelmed, and were swept by the Spurs.

But this isn’t it for the super team from LA. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they made it to the finals next year, because Lob City is here to stay.


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