Soccer Weekly: England bleeds – blue?


Check out the new England away jerseys…  Blue. Blue. Blue. (And white). But it seems as if blue is becoming a theme in english soccer.  Chelsea just won the UEFA Champions League, Manchester City just won the Barclays Premier League – and teams like Man U and Liverpool are falling fast. (And when Man U tried to jump on the Blue boat, it just proved how powerful blue was

The point is that now the two most powerful teams in england right now are Chelsea and Man City. They are playing incredibly well, and the managers are managing well.

This changes a lot, because it used to be Arsenal, Man U, and Liverpool, and Chelsea and Man City were afterthoughts. But now it’s all them. Some of it could be money. Some of it could be luck. But it was due. Except for one season, it was Man U, Liverpool, and Arsenal at the top of the table. But like in baseball, superpowers change, and it went from red to blue. It’s as simple as that.

Except for the downfall of Liverpool, I’m actually enjoying this. It’s gotten boring seeing Man U, Man U, Man U, Man U, and – let me guess – Man U? Wow!! I must be psychic!! England has shifted, and all we can do? Is wait and watch.



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