Who wins the NL Cy Young??


Dickey, Gonzalez, Strasburg, Capuano or Cain, we have been in for one of the NL’s most dominant pitching seasons since – well – ever!! While ESPN counts down the top quarterbacks for next year, they’re forgetting these incredible pitchers that have been absolutely dominant right now.

R.A. Dickey has mastered the knuckleball. With two one-hit games in a row, he dominates opposing batters. His E.R.A., an astounding 2.00, and the average of an opposing batter an incredible .194, he’s up and running this year. He might be one of the oldest Cy Young pitchers ever at 37 (he would only be second to Gaylord Perry & Roger Clemens). He has blown past batters with 103 strikeouts, fourth in the league. He is pitching nearly flawlessly, has 11 wins, and if he continues on this astonishing pace, he will win the Cy Young.   CY-O-METER: 9.5/10

Stephen Strasburg is the strikeout man. The king of K’s, forward and backwards, and blows by batters with not only a fastball going up to 97, but with a change up that goes down to 80. His E.R.A is 2.46, and has only 23 earned runs in 84 innings. He’s pretty young at 23, but so are the rest of the Nationals. There are two reasons to say no to him, though. He has had some bad games, and he might leave after late August. Which means that, even if he continues his stuff until then, the people who choose will use that against him, since other pitchers had more games with more numbers to use. CY-O-METER: 7/10

Gio Gonzalez (Oh look, another Nats pitcher) is playing great at his new team. If you look at him, he’s always smiling, and he has good reason to. All of his stats are literally identical to Strasburg’s, except for a couple where he’s a point or two below or above. People haven’t noticed him, and he has gone by quietly (well, he isn’t actually quiet, or at least he wasn’t when I talked to him) by the predictors. But he could be a sleeper in this competition. CY-O-METER: 8/10

Matt Cain ‘s perfect game might be all we remember of him this year. But it certainly hasn’t. With his E.R.A below 2.35, his strikeouts at 100, and his record at 9-2, he was just particularly more dominant on that one night he had his perfect game – but he has been dominant all year long. He hasn’t been noticed since his perfection was accounted for, but since he has, people have noticed he has a chance at this. CY-O-METER: 8.5/10

I am predicting R.A Dickey right now, but as baseball continues to twist and turn, so will my prediction.


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