In 2009, it was a bad year for hitters.  In 2010, we thought it was a one year thing.  In 2011, we didn’t think it was anything but good pitching.  This year is no exception.  While many people struggle to find reasons for the pitcher dominating in the past few years, throwing around random statistics, I have maybe a real reason.

The pitchers of 2008 were a bit wiped out.  Most aces were veterans losing power.  In 2009, a new wave was born.  Roy Halladay was reaching potential, Clay Buchholz was ready to become one of the main men of a franchise, and Stephen Strasburg was picked number one overall.  In 2010, deemed “Year of the Pitchers” with 5 no hitters, we saw Halladay, Strasburg, and Tim Lincecum showing dominance on the mound.

2011 meant Justin Verlander’s domination.  He became the face of the MLB, winning a Cy Young and MVP.  In 2012, the transition was complete.  Yu Darvish came to MLB, and Strasburg, Gio Gonzalez, Jordan Zimmermann, Clayton Kershaw, Matt Moore, and many more are blowing by batters.  It’s not even the end of July and we’ve already had four no-no’s, and the league batting average is at its lowest since 1972.  When Lincecum faltered Cain shined.  DC became the fastest, curviest, and slowest city in the country.  Perfection was possible and becoming more common.

A new wave of Aces has replaced a hitters’ playground with a new pitchers’ palace.


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