The Updater: Wild Card predictions


This has been a remarkable season. The rise of the Nationals, Reds and Orioles, the fall of the Red Sox, Phillies, and the failed created World Series rings made by the Angels and Marlins. Plus Teddy won. 

But more importantly, the playoffs start tonight. So without further ado…. my playoff predictions!

To go into the playoffs with a loss is one thing. But to have had complete control of the division since June and to give it up on the last game of the season, then to go to the playoffs in that mindset? I’m sorry, but the O’s get the nod in this case, even though the Rangers have a lot to argue in this post.


I’m a bit late to the party on this, and the Cardinals are winning 6-3 right now. It’s delayed because of a horribly blown call, and they’re trying to take all the beer bottles and cans off the field. Chipper has gone 19 strong. But it might be too late for him and the Braves. There’s a tiny chance, but now, I have to go with the Cardinals, because with no offense to the Braves – they aren’t playing their best tonight – and if it’s win or go home, you have to be at your best.


These could be completely wrong. And tomorrow, I promise NLDS and ALDS predictions.

Happy playoffs!


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