The Updater: Division Series predictions


So, we’ve gotten past the beer bottle massacre and the infield . We’ve gotten past the one game wild card excitement and errors. And now the playoffs as we knew them begin but end at the same time. The days of rewards for division winning and best records are over, and the Wild Cards can give the best teams in baseball only one home playoff game. But that may not matter. So, without any further ado……. my Division Series predictions!

Yankees VS Orioles

This is tough. Very tough. Only one game separated the Yankees from a win or die game at the Bronx, and the Orioles winning the AL East. And yet. Coming into Baltimore could be impossible. The Yankees, though, are the Yankees, and will take game one behind C.C Sabathia. But the O’s will come roaring back the next day, and take the next win, assuring both teams two more chances to win it or blow it. The Yankees will go home and win again, getting up 2-1 in the Bronx, but this is an Orioles team that absolutely will not die easy. But in game 5, the Yankees back under C.C will take the game and win the series in a nailbiter game.


Tigers VS Athletics

Remember when I said the Yankees VS Orioles Series was tough? I lied. This is tough. The A’s are the hottest team in baseball. The Tigers are a close second. Both stole the division within the last games or the last game of the season, so they’re coming in on a roll. Game one in Detroit will be taken by Verlander and the Tigers. But the A’s hotness comes back, and they’ll steal the next two games with their rookie rotation and team of veterans. The Tigers will be desperate for a game 5, to give Verlander a trip to the mound, but the A’s will win in a nailbiter of a game 4 and advance to the Yankees.

Reds VS Giants

The Reds have been on cruise control for the past two months. But this is a big wake up call. Johnny Cueto VS Matt Cain will be fun to watch, but the Giants will take that, mainly because of Cain’s playoff experience. Not so fast though, the Reds will take the next in San Fransisco. But Bronson Arroyo isn’t exactly clutch, and the Giants will take game 3 in Cinci. And game 4 will be scary for the Reds. The Giants will jump out to an early lead, but the Reds will make a miracle comeback to win. But in Game 5, Cueto won’t have it again, and Cain will. So the Giants will go on to face the winner of…

Cardinals VS Nationals

The Nats have the best record in baseball and the best rotation. But the Cardinals have the experience. Even so, Gio Gonzalez will take the win on Sunday. The Cardinals will bounce right back though, and tie the series up. But the DC has their first home playoff game in 79 years, so expect the crowd to be a huge factor in 3 and 4, which the Nationals will take, and get ready for San Fran.

I’ll be ready with my AL and NLCS predictions as soon as the teams are confirmed, but until then…

Happy playoffs!


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