A city of angels gone evil


Dear Citizens of Miami, LA, Detroit and San Fransisco-

Miami can celebrate now, Heat fans. You are no longer the evil empire. With the acquisition of Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, and lots of talk about Lebron in 2014, you guessed it – the attention hogging, celebrity snogging, twitter-and-blogging, kobe hailing, kings of staples center, Lakers have taken that burden off of the shoulders of the Miami Heat.

The annoying part is that you’ve made people care, Lakers.. I mean, have you seen the cover here? Never mind – you already broadcasted it to your 2,767,507 followers. And yes. That is a real number Detroit and San Fransisco.  That is real.










This week, by the way, when the world series is JUST STARTING. Ouch. Detroit and San Fransisco, that burns. But don’t worry, I’m speaking up for you. By the way LA, this is my “Regional” cover. I live in DC. Yet how didn’t I get Miguel Cabrera? You’ve given the world the impression that you will always be: A) the best, B) making big, mindblowing trades and additions, and C) the greatest show on earth – on MTV at least. Even though you are in the NBA.

Well I speak now for the silent. Enough is enough. I don’t understand. If there are 29 others, why tilt them to you? Why must you inflate the (already) huge fan base, with your sparkly rings, trophies and players? I live in DC. I can understand trying for us, Milwaukee, Houston, New Orleans, and at a point, even your own LA Clippers, your younger brothers (who, any minute now, by the way, will overtake you).

But when a regular season NBA game hasn’t been played and baseball is at it’s climax – how can you use those little puppy dog eyes of yours and bring us back to you? I just don’t get it LA.

And Miami? Don’t expect to be out of it long… it won’t be long before the entire world starts talking about LeBron to LA, thanks to your good friends in LA.

The Lakers have made the NBA a one man show. And unless you live in LA, I’m pretty sure you’ll agree with me.



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