The Giants win. (Surprise!!!!!) Well, I should kill the sarcasm a bit here. The Giants were predicted to make it to the world series and lose to the Angels by SI. But the rest was nuts. The Giants, going to game 7 with the Cardinals, Game 5 with the reds, then sweeping the Tigers? Nuts. But they got hot at the right time – and San Fransisco will have another World Series Parade. Pablo Sandoval, the bullpen, Buster Posey, Marco Scutaro, and Matt Cain. Yes, that was the core of a world series team. Congrats to San Fran.

But for the rest of the world, it’s official. A huge accomplishment, and day one of a long break. Yes, folks, you know what this means.  The baseball season is over for everyone, and (as usual) only one of us came home happy. It was a year of promise and youth ( the Nats and A’s) a year of age and falling (Yankees and Yankees) and a year of streaks, surprises and, yes, sweeps. I mean, who would guess – the Nats and the A’s would win their division? The Giants would win the world series? The Giants would sweep the world series? The Tigers would sweep the Yankees?, A-Rod on the trade market? Tim Lincecum NOT STARTING THE WORLD SERIES?  This has been such a surprising year with no suspense spared.

So, on my last 2012 baseball post, I’ll leave you with this: 154 days until opening day. And get ready: because next year? Who knows what’s going to happen?


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