We have more than games to play


This week, the northeast, (specifically New York and New Jersey here), was hit by Hurricane Sandy.

So when the Knicks played the Heat last night, and when they announced the Nets VS Raptors game was still on, I was, in one word: astonished.

There is too much happening to take your attention, police and subway to Madison Square Garden. The NBA needed to look up from their money-making ways (the NBA was willing to charge up to $58 for nosebleed seats for the WIZARDS) and cancel the game. I don’t care the Knicks wouldn’t have opened their season yet, or the Nets. Sometimes you have to look at priorities.

The New York Marathon nobody will be happy with either way, but everyone can grudgingly admit it was a good choice.

The Giants VS Steelers game will go on as planned. Unfortunately, even though it should, unlike the NBA, MLB or MLS, you can’t just replace a game when you only have 17 weeks and 16 games. It just doesn’t work.

The Red Bulls and D.C United handled this perfectly, and I’m fine with DC United starting the playoffs at home as opposed to finishing as a DC resident.

I know sports can be important. But right now, we have bigger things to think about – so that’s where the attention should be, not on NBA TV.



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