The Ed Reed Decision is Right.


The NFL is under fire by quite a few groups of people right now.

The fans, for putting up with absurd prices and sub-par experiences, the current players, for thinking about an 18 game season, and most importantly – the past players, for what damage the NFL has done to them.

So when Ed Reed was suspended a game, forget the fine – I applauded the NFL.

They’ve been trying to make us all believe that they’re a league that cares and a league that is making efforts to make it a safer game, but it’s not a surprise that not many people have believed them for one simple reason – they don’t back up what they say. Lockouts came, injuries came – and they just didn’t seem to care as much.

Now, we are living in a time where NFL is trying to create, “Safer Football”. But the only thing that really makes the NFL look like they’re walking the walk is punishment. So if this is a one time thing, I’m not going to be happy.

Some people said that they only did it because it was under the national spotlight, on NBC. To me, it shouldn’t matter. Millions watch every game.

So let’s hope the NFL is turning over a new leaf here, because if they aren’t, I might give up hope for them all together to make it a safer game.


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