So – uh – who wants these guys? Anyone? Please?


A-Rod. Josh Hamilton. Two players with incredible careers. Both have a downside. Both are free agents. And both are pretty questionable on where they’re going to go. Josh Hamilton comes with an included alcohol & drug abuse, and A-Rod has (one) a huge ego, and (two) Mr.not-october as his nickname. Plus, both are going to be a combined age of 70 on the trade deadline.

For A-Rod, why not let it go and take him for the probable 3 years of production he has left? I’ll tell you why. Because in these 3 years, he could be pretty darn good, and A-Rod as well as some stupid team will believe that. So now you’re stuck with a guy like this for 7 years. And a lot of cash. So who should take him? The Yankees are either taking him back or saying goodbye – but you don’t know which one it is. The Red Sox are in rebuild. The Nationals, who have the MLB’s deepest pockets could, but they almost definitely don’t want him, instead of a solid 4 starter. The Marlins you could’ve said a month ago – but not anymore with the Reyes, Buehurle and company trade. Almost any other team doesn’t have the pocket or has a good DH/1st baseman. It could be a long winter for A-Rod, and I think he’ll definitely be not getting the deal he wants – and probably not with a team anyone expects.

Josh Hamilton, however is a differed story. He’s only 31. He has probably 6 years left. And he can prove that he is a big-time player easily (4 home runs in one night, 2010 AL MVP). But between the drugs, age of 38 during the end of the contract he wants – it’s a 4 or 5 year thing for him. But who? Teams with the pocket space, like the Yankees, Red Sox and other ones could take him. But the Red Sox won’t get him, due to their rebuild mode and Josh Hamilton’s win now mode. The Rangers, I don’t think can hold on to him, unless the team I think will get him – the Yankees, backs out. But the Yankees seem like the logical choice with a gaping hole that will be left somewhere in the outfield, whoever it may be.

Another year, another 300 million dollar contract. No biggie for the Yankees.



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