Not again.


I’m going to start this post by saying this. I don’t pay attention to College Football. But when I was in a local restraunt when Alabama lost, I was one of the happier people. Why? Simple. I am sick and tired of the SEC and especially Alabama winning every stinking time, lose all of their players and then get a million new freshmen. And then repeat.

I was psyched. I thought maybe, just maybe, I could see the first Non-SEC Championship game since who-knows-when. I really thought Oregon VS Notre Dame or Kansas St or something would be nice.

But, since everyone flopped, we’re stuck with Bama’. No offense to Alabama, but if you aren’t a Tide fan, you hate them.

I know that there’s not much money involved in CFB, but with all the “get the best everything” mindset, you kind of have to compare Alabama to the Yankees.

And here’s the worst part of this. If the BCS was already in a playoff, Alabama wouldn’t even be in the championship game – who knows what would happen.

Yet another reason to hate college football.


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