Manning the post


In March, the Broncos signed Peyton Manning to a five year, 96 million dollar contract. I laughed. I thought the broncos were being just plain stupid. It didn’t make sense!

I thought Peyton was gone. His neck had killed an entire season, and in all honesty, I didn’t believe he could come back to his old form. If I was running an NFL team, I would’ve taken a rookie over Peyton. He didn’t seem fit to play after missing an entire year, and I would want somebody fresh. It just didn’t make sense.

Boy, would’ve I been wrong. Peyton is leading the Broncos to a 9-3 record, rising to his old form, if not rising above it, and could have ten wins by the time the night is over, and is the only other choice for MVP next to Tom Brady.

I would chose Peyton Manning for MVP. Because with no offense to the Broncos, they’re not much without him. They don’t have a real QB (no, I don’t think Tim Tebow was a starter) and not much of a receiving game. All of the sudden, Peyton Manning has made the Broncos super bowl contenders. Nobody thought he could do it, but look at him now!

But, every week, I watch him (with no offense, he is kind of boring) lead the Broncos beautifully. And I ask how? How has this 36 year old managed to take this team to the playoffs, and maybe more?

Nobody really knows but him. But what I do know – is that Peyton isn’t gone at all. Actually, he might just be starting.


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