Still a class A-Fraud


A report has been conducted accusing A-Rod, Nelson Cruz, Melky Cabrera and Gio Gonzalez of having connections to PEDs.

Two of those four players have already served suspensions – the only person I believe of denial is Gio Gonzalez because he is young and in his prime and very capable without PEDs.

But the biggest name on there is Alex Rodriguez. As Jeff Passan said, the truth is – A-Rod is a liar.

Alex Rodriguez has become the face of the post-steroid era in a bad way. He has served suspensions and has been continuing to use steroids in this era.

In all honesty, if I was a Yankee fan, I would be absolutely sick of A-Rod by now. He has disgraced himself, his teams and the MLB.

The same way people now associate Lance Armstrong with doping and being a cheat, A Rod is the same for baseball. His career should be over.

I truly can’t believe he would be doing this. I would’ve thought he would have learned his lesson. But he helped bring a trophy to new york – and that trophy now has a little star next to it.

As well as all of A-Rod’s career.



2 painful legacies, and only one victory


It’s looked promising for the past two or three years. The promised land was close. The ship was sailing, and others recognized the threat. Last year, only a last second blow from an eastern force kept them from destiny. Now the only thing lying between them and destiny – is the brother.

This isn’t a story of David and Goliath. There is no “Real” favorite. While one team looks a bit stronger then the other, you can’t pick this game right away.

Jim Harbaugh and John Harbaugh grew up competitors. But I don’t think they ever got to this level of competition in the backyard. The parents will be watching, that’s for sure. I don’t think they’ll be picking sides.

Both the Ravens and 49ers came painfully close last year. And now, one is going to come even more painfully close – and fall.

I am very excited for the super bowl, even though my Patriots aren’t there. Kapernick will add a second dimension to it – the first non “Power arm” quarterback in the super bowl for quite a while.

For Ray Lewis, this is his swansong. A loss here would mean eternal pain for him later on – to come so close in that final season only to lose. This isn’t just his battle though – he’s a general in the battle of the defenses.

It will be a slugfest, no doubt. But this game will mean even more than usual for the coaches – they could win, but send their brother home with pain. However, I think they both don’t care about that yet. Last year hurt too much to be sympathizing for the other. Right now, I think all they care about – and maybe all they will ever care about – is replacing those 2012 memories with 2013 victories.

Sidenote: I will do more pieces on the Harbowl, and will be doing the same thing with my super bowl prediction as last year, 4 quarters, 4 posts, 4 days, all ending on Super Bowl Sunday.

Judgement Day for Flacco and Ryan



“With the third pick in the 2008 NFL Draft, the Atlanta Falcons select Matt Ryan, from Boston College.”
“With the eighteenth pick in the 2008 NFL Draft, the Baltimore Ravens select Joe Flacco, from The University of Deleware.”

And so began an era. After two failures at the QB position, two fired coaches, it was time.

All of the sudden, the Ravens & Falcons were in the playoffs, one year later. The Ravens were one win away from the Super Bowl, and the Falcons were defeated in the wild card round – a disappointing end, but a promising future. The next year, the Falcons missed the playoffs, but ended with a winning record. The Ravens made the playoffs, and lost in the Divisional Round. In 2010, they both made the playoffs, but they failed to move past the divisional round, another sad end to a promising season. The Ravens came within a missed field goal last year, but the Falcons couldn’t get past the wild-card round.

So now it’s time.

After all of those losses, people have said – “They don’t have playoff experience”, or that they are “Still young – maybe next year”. Well, this is next year.

Ryan finally jumped the Hurdle of getting a playoff win, and the Ravens made a huge upset over the Broncos, but that doesn’t matter anymore. In all honesty, these two games are the second-most important of the season. Here’s the thing though – in some of these wins for Flacco, he was dismal. Other times, he was great. Ryan hasn’t been so good in his playoff games either, except for that last one.

But they need to finally prove they can lead their team to a Super Bowl. The promising season is this season. In all honesty, if they can’t do it this year, I don’t think they can do it at all.

They have their playoff experience, they are at their prime. This game could define an entire career –

They had better not mess it up.

Nats look like they’re coming to play next year


Sources say the Washington Nationals have signed Rafael Soriano to a 2 year, 28 million dollar contract. Don’t be surprised if next year’s slogan is World Series or bust.

This is just another signing for the Nats, like Denard Span, Dan Haren and others. But this is the biggest yet. Soriano is a great fit for the Nats, but it also shows that the Nats aren’t settling for “Good enough”. While last year was an incredible year for DC baseball, boasting baseball’s best record and a NL East division championship, this year looks even better.

Bryce Harper, Stephen Strasburg, Ian Desmond, Ryan Zimmerman, Jordan Zimmermann,, Gio Gonzalez, Ross Detwiler and more will have playoff experience, and look like a recipe for success.

Here’s another reason they look pretty darn good – 4 or 5 of their bench players could be starting on almost any other team,  like Tyler Moore, Chad Tracy, Steve Lombardozzi and Roger Bernadina.

Also, injuries won’t be haunting them. Strasburg will be pitching an entire season, and presumably the playoffs, Zimmerman’s rest and surgery will mean he is ready to go, plus other players.

Also, Atlanta, New York, Philadelphia and Miami do not look good at all this year, at all. The Nats’ young talent and veteran powers should make it extremely easy to propel them to another NL East division title.

But here’s the biggest thing this year: Everyone on the Nats knows they can do it. There is no doubt in any of their minds about this season. It isn’t a “Trial” – it’s real. They have the swagger and the team now.

So do I think the Nats are going to win the World Series?

That’s a clown question bro.

Welcome to the new age


Those little yellow bands never really suited me anyways.

After years of denial, tons of accusations and lots of dna samples, it’s over. Sources say Lance will admit to everything on an interview with Oprah.

Can you say finally?

After a decade of tarnish, disgust and everyone knowing the sports “Greatest” wasn’t that “Great”, it’s done. Lance Armstrong has ruined this sport, and in all of his “Heroism”, biking has lost it’s original flair.

This should’ve happened years ago. Everyone knows it. Every day he waited, every hour, every second, biking lost another fan. People couldn’t take it anymore, knowing that those Tour de Frances came with a huge *, that so many winners could’ve won if it weren’t for him.

He has apologized to Livestrong and it’s staff – I don’t know if an apology might save the losses, financially. His sponsors have been torn off of his shirt.

But there is one bright spot in all of this yellow darkness – we are now in a new age of biking.

Nobody will dare take them again, seeing the effect it has had on this sport. The * is slowly leaving the sport, and young, new, better talent is coming, and this takes the weight off of biking’s shoulders. The immediate effect stinks, there is no doubt. But now biking fans can watch in peace.

It’s over for the little yellow bands.

Will the NHL ever be the same?


So the Lockout is officially over. Congratulations to my hockey loving friends. But in all honesty, if I was a hockey fan, I would’ve already given up on this league. They’ve had 3 lockouts in the past 20 years, only the NBA with more. It’s, in a word, ridiculous.

If I was a Hockey fan, I would be pretty darn annoyed. Once again, the giant * is going to be added to everything. Why?

I never really can pay attention to the NHL until April anyways, when the games really matter. But the NHL isn’t set to be up and running by February, the playoffs might end in July, and the trade deadline would be in April. They’ve already missed hundreds of games.

I understand that there are some people that live, breath and eat hockey, but in all honesty, I would be pretty fed up. This lockout was too long, and the league didn’t seem to be able to make a deal until they could finally realize they’ve lost so much money and popularity.

They’ve missed 645 games. 645 goals, saves, penalty shootouts, so much of it missed.

I think even the hockey fanatics have lost intrest in their league – not completely, but still some. It’s ridiculous to expect that every 8 years the league will only play half a season – or maybe not even have one.

Last time there was a lockout, the two futures of hockey were drafted, Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin. They’ve done beautifully in their careers, scoring many goals and many awards. But the owners and the NHLPA are getting ridiculous. It’s something like a fifty-fifty split.

There have been lots of polls asking if you’ve lost interest in the NHL. The majority said they weren’t interested in the first place. The next said they’ve lost interest. It’s just getting stupid.

But I don’t care anymore.

Should RG3 have been on the bench? The answer is no.


It’s in, and as it looks, it’s bad. RG3 has not only a partial tear in his ACL, but also his LCL. He is badly hurt, and may not start in NFL Kickoff 2013. Which brought everybody to the million dollar question – after hurting himself, should’ve he been on the bench?

The answer, in short, is no. Don’t get me wrong, Pierre Garćon, Alfred Morris, London Fletcher, DeAngelo Hall and many more made huge contributions to the Redskins in 2012. But while Alfred Morris doesn’t get enough attention, or the rest of those guys, the backbone of the team is RG3.

Here are three reasons you keep RG3 on the field.

1. RG3 is a clutch player. He can come up big in big situations. He will not be taken off the field unless you force him, or his injury is too unbearable, and with him, you never know when something amazing is about to happen.

2. When Rob Gronkowski broke his arm, Bill Belichick said that he wasn’t going to tell somebody else to go in on the play – you go break your arm! If Cousins was on the field during that snap, chances are, he might’ve torn an ACL or LCL too!

3. Redskins fans would hate it, and football would hate it. If the Redskins lost that game with RG3 on the sideline, everyone would’ve been screaming at Shanahan anyhow. The Redskins needed him on the field. He’s not only a physical booster, but he’s a morale booster.It makes the Redskins have hope.

I understand he was hurt, and he needed help. His leg had been a problem, and it should’ve been taken care of more cautiously. But think. You can’t blame Shanahan for keeping him in – of all the things to happen, a bad snap was one of the least likely.

Fate took an ugly twist with RG3. Very, very ugly.

RG3 goes down after a bad snap (Yahoo! Sports)