The AP must be having a field day


For the first time in a while, there is no dark horse, no obvious choice – there is no frontrunner.  In either competition. the comeback player of the year might also be MVP. Now, of course, it would be a lot easier if we were able to know who it was, because both players, Adrian Peterson and Peyton Manning could make quite the case for both awards.

It’s nearly impossible to pick between “The Sheriff” and “All Day”. Let me give you a back story in case you like football but have been living under a rock for a year and a half. Peyton Manning, due to some googleyblech in his neck, didn’t take one snap for the Colts all season in 2011-12. Adrian Peterson was tearing everything up until, on Christmas eve, he tore his ACL and MCL. Both looked like they would never return to their true form of what they were.

And you know what? They didn’t. They aren’t as good as they were – somehow, they’re better. And better for these two would mean a sure-fire MVP, if it weren’t for the other player. So how do you pick?

I feel really bad for the AP – they have to make this incredibly tough choice. So, I’m going to take it to one thing – stats. Manning has thrown for 37 Touchdowns, and 4659 yards. Adrian Peterson has run for 2097, and 12 touchdowns. But here’s where things get complicated – the Broncos running game has run for 1832 more, and the defense has only given up 4,652. The Vikings passing game has only 100 yards more than Adrian Peterson.

Which makes it clear for me – with a running back that wasn’t like Peterson or elite, the Vikings would be dead. With a par quarterback, the Broncos might be able to make the playoffs. (Tim Tebow).

So, I pick Adrian Peterson to win the MVP award. But, we aren’t done yet!

Comeback player of the year is a tough one. But considering the fact he had not been on the field for one play in an entire year, you have to say Peyton Manning is the comeback player of the year.

But, I don’t get to chose this – the AP does. The thing about stuff like this is that only a few people come out happy, with the right decisions for them – and there definitely isn’t a “Right” decision for this. Even so, it’s a nice problem to have.


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