Will the NHL ever be the same?


So the Lockout is officially over. Congratulations to my hockey loving friends. But in all honesty, if I was a hockey fan, I would’ve already given up on this league. They’ve had 3 lockouts in the past 20 years, only the NBA with more. It’s, in a word, ridiculous.

If I was a Hockey fan, I would be pretty darn annoyed. Once again, the giant * is going to be added to everything. Why?

I never really can pay attention to the NHL until April anyways, when the games really matter. But the NHL isn’t set to be up and running by February, the playoffs might end in July, and the trade deadline would be in April. They’ve already missed hundreds of games.

I understand that there are some people that live, breath and eat hockey, but in all honesty, I would be pretty fed up. This lockout was too long, and the league didn’t seem to be able to make a deal until they could finally realize they’ve lost so much money and popularity.

They’ve missed 645 games. 645 goals, saves, penalty shootouts, so much of it missed.

I think even the hockey fanatics have lost intrest in their league – not completely, but still some. It’s ridiculous to expect that every 8 years the league will only play half a season – or maybe not even have one.

Last time there was a lockout, the two futures of hockey were drafted, Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin. They’ve done beautifully in their careers, scoring many goals and many awards. But the owners and the NHLPA are getting ridiculous. It’s something like a fifty-fifty split.

There have been lots of polls asking if you’ve lost interest in the NHL. The majority said they weren’t interested in the first place. The next said they’ve lost interest. It’s just getting stupid.

But I don’t care anymore.


One thought on “Will the NHL ever be the same?

  1. Obi

    I’m so turned off by all the hockey strikes that I wasn’t even going to read this post! But then I decided to read it and I was glad I did. Couldn’t agree more — this is a sport that seems to love to give itself self-inflicted wounds.

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