The road ends here: The ridiculousness of calling Kim Jong Un “An awesome guy”



If you’re friends with a murder, he’s still a murder – right?
Dennis Rodman on his recent trip to North Korea called Jong Un “An awesome guy.” He said that Obama should “call him” (Jong Un) 

Okay, where do I begin?
First things first, he’s Kim Jong Un. I’m not going to rant about his ways, his tactics, because that’s been done too many times before. In fact, none of this is about him. It’s more about Rodman.

I cannot believe he would even go there in the first place. I get he’s a bit nuts. But going there and hanging out with one of the world’s most hated people? That’s just wrong. He is not an ambassador, and even if he was – nobody who calls him a “Great Guy” knows what he or she is talking about.

Another thing is the way he approached it. He dodged around Un’s ways in an interview, and would not admit he has done bad things. I cannot understand how he could try to forget about that. 

Dennis Rodman was being the definition of an idiot there. It’s humiliating as a country and as fans of the NBA to see this.

I know this isn’t about sports. But frankly, this is a topic I don’t think any writer could leave untouched.



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