The madness of march is some awesome chaos


The cinderella story – it’s always there. The upsets? Oh, no doubt. The suspense, the great games? Never have they missed a beat. You know what I’m talking about – March madness.

So it brings me to this question. Why can’t all other tournaments be like this? Think about it. In the pro leagues, whenever there’s a cinderella upset – it’s right back home for them the next game.  The good games can be there, but they just aren’t as common.

I don’t understand why professional leagues can’t reach this level of excitement, fun, craziness – whatever you want to call it. They’re professionals, right?

March madness has it right with tournament style. In March, there’s never not a game going on – so many teams, chances and players!. That is the one thing. Professional leagues can’t boast that many teams in their playoffs, if not even an eighth of that.

The NFL needs to work on their playoff style. So does the MLB. The NHL and NBA are okay with it, but everyone needs to face it – March Madness has it right!

The BCS is being fixed up, and almost every NCAA tournament is Madness-style. So in a league with so much controversy, so many worries and so many changes behind and ahead – the one place the NCAA has it right?

The most important place. The playoffs.


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