It’s a brand new game

Slowly but surely, a new era has emerged right under our noses

Slowly but surely, a new era has emerged right under our noses

Today, Mariano Rivera announced he will retire after this season, and the first season in quite a while will not have Chipper Jones on the Atlanta Braves’ lineup. Meanwhile, the two rookies of the year who started last year in the minors are the stars of their respective opening day lineups. Slowly but surely, a new era is emerging.

There are many players considered “The future of baseball.” Stephen Strasburg, Kris Medlen, Wil Myers, Craig Kimbrel, and so many more. But none are more visible and prominent than these two, Trout and Harper.

They are the headliners for a new baseball player era that is beginning pretty much this year.

The game has changed so much, so by that definition, so have the players.

Sluggers are a rarity. The new superstars are players that can do it all. While you have to say that it is sad to see these legends go, you have to say baseball is changing – and I agree with people who say it’s changing for the better.

Harper at age 19, stole home in his second week of baseball at the major league level, hit .270, and 22 home runs. Trout was close to taking the MVP instead of the first Triple-Crown winner since 1969 – nearly dethroning him on average. That shows you the potential of these players. And players like Kimbrel, Medlen and Strasburg should be expected to have ace-caliber seasons. The minor leagues are stronger than ever – so don’t try and fight it.

These players are going to define the new age. All we can do is sit back and watch.


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