Can the WBC ever become elite?


It’s that time of year again…

St. Patricks Day! No? Okay. Uh – spring break! No? Hmmm. Spring training? What do you mean, close? Alright, uhh….

Yes, it’s the world baseball classic. But c’mon, are you really paying attention? The world cup has a special sort of atmosphere to it. The olympics have it right. But as far as international sporting events go, this is probably the worst.

Why? First, there’s only one US team, and the best player in the game isn’t even on it. In the world cup, that’s completely the opposite.

Second, it’s not as celebrated as the world cup or olympics, so really any game without the US in it doesn’t get watched around here (I mean, MLB Network is broadcasting it).

But I think there is hope. I do believe this sporting event can become elite. But what needs to happen?

One, get the stars on the team. Do you think Ben Zobrist is the equivalent of a world cup player? We need Mike Trout and Bryce Harper on this team. Second, the games need get better coverage and commentary. Third and finally, it needs more adverstising.

I think if those four things can happen, this event can become an elite one.


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