Let’s talk baseball: My 2013 predictions for the AL.


Well, It’s finally time. After a long and cold winter, there are thirteen days, twenty two hours and 10 minutes until opening day. And counting. So without any further ado and waiting… my predictions for 2013.

In the AL West, the big splash was Josh Hamilton moving from Texas to LA. Watching him there will be interesting, but I think the more interesting thing is Mike Trout’s sophmore season. I mean, consider this. If last year was his rookie season, and he nearly dethroned a triple-crown winner from winning AL MVP, think about his future.  With the Mariners, they have ways to go – but automatically not as far as Houston, who is in rebuild mode. I don’t expect Bo Porter to be fired, because they’re going to rebuild this club the right way, from the ground up. The A’s, the reigning champs, lost a star. Another day, another dime for Billy Beane. I don’t expect to find them out of the playoffs.

In the AL Central, it looks like a one horse race. Don’t be too sure. While the Tigers are locked, loaded and stocked with power and pitching, the Indians and White Sox have a possibility of making it competitive. Even though they will give the Tigers a challenge, I don’t believe it will be enough to dethrone the reigning AL champs.While the Royals are looking close to a return to .500 baseball, I don’t think they’ll be a contender this year, as well as Minnesota.

And in the AL East…. expect that phrase to be retired. The Yankees are getting old and injury prone. The Red Sox have to rebuild. The Blue Jays, while stocked with talent, I don’t believe the chemistry is there. Which leaves – the Orioles? Whoa. Even though the Yankees aren’t extremely old, they’re getting there, and the O’s are looking to take advantage. This division is (shocker) an open book.

The AL Cy Young will be Justin Verlander. The MVP will be Mike Trout. But in the playoffs….

Wild Card: Angels (92-70) over Yankees (93-69)

ALDS: A’s (95-67) over Orioles (94-68) in 4, Tigers (98-64) over Angels in 5.

ALCS: Tigers over A’s in 6.

Stay tuned – tomorrow, I’ll get the NL – and the world series.


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